Toddler Classes (12-24 Months)

Our toddler swimming classes are all about having fun with your toddler!


They are 30 mins where it’s just you and some other similar aged toddlers in the pool, learning how to move through the water on front and back, how to swim under water and how to be safe in water.

We do all this through playing specifically designed games and activities to ensure we all have lots of fun whilst we learn our new skills.

An early start to safety and fun

 My daughter fell into a pool on holiday when she was 16 months old and managed to get herself to the side and hold on until I fished her out. She was totally calm and happy. She has been taught in her lessons that if you fall in you turn around and hold the bar. Without her lessons she may have been a lot worse off an certainly been very distressed.

Toddlers go through many developmental and emotional milestones and we aim to ensure that our toddler classes celebrate and develop those milestones. We can run and jump! (and learn how to do it safely of course and we can show our independence by learning how to hold ourselves on a float. We are learning our colours and numbers so we are keen to hunt for blue balls and ducks with green hats. And we love to sing songs that have fun actions.

Teachers who LOVE teaching

Our toddlers can be very strong minded and their favourite word sometimes is no! All of our teachers have years of experience in working with toddlers and can adapt the games and engage with your child so they really get something out of it. A great day lesson is always when you have a child that says no no no and tries it and realises that she loves it!

The team at Mini Swimming don’t see teaching as their job, They see it as their passion and vocation. Teaching is what they love and are brilliant at.