Preschool Swimming Lessons (2-4 years)

Swimming lessons for 2-4 year-olds

At Mini Swimming we believe that every child is different and just because they are a certain age does not necessarily mean that they are ready to be in the pool without mum or dad or that you want to stay dry! We offer a range of classes so you can pick the one that best suits your child’s needs now and when they are ready we move them on to the next stage.

Everything we do is child led to make sure we have happy, confident children in our pools. We can teach any child to swim but a child who is happy to come swimming, looks forward to their lessons and feels confident in their class will learn quicker but more importantly will have a life long positive association with swimming. Too many swim schools dictate that children must swim alone when they are 2 and a half or 3 or swim with ‘babies’ and this can cause some very upset children. Our lives are so busy and our time with our little ones so precious that we need our time together to be fun and supportive.

 When it comes to deciding on a class think about your child. Are they going to be happy to get in without you? Are they going to listen and follow instructions? Can they be safe in the water by holding the bar and their float when they are asked to? If you’re not sure you should think about a parent and child option. It’s not forever. It can be treated as an introduction time where they get to know us, the pool and how it all works. Then when they’re bobbing around not needing you we can talk about changing class. The classes below are your options.


2-3 year olds

Seahorse classes caters to 2-3-year-olds and focuses on imparting fundamental water movement skills to your pre schooler. Through a series of specially crafted games and activities, we engage your child in playful learning to navigate the water on their front and back. Each class begins with a welcoming song and features 3 or 4 primary activities and games, accompanied by action-oriented songs. Parents actively participate in the pool alongside their child.

In addition to honing water movement skills, we prioritize water safety and instilling essential water confidence in your child. Our swimmers begin to learn independence from you in the water and safety such as tippy toes on the pool edge and not jumping until given permission by a parent after being counted in!

Parent and child Octopus

3-6 year olds

Our parent and child Octopus classes are designed for children who are ready for a more formal swimming lesson that is focused on proper swimming but aren’t quite ready to go it alone in the pool without a parent. The classes are designed to take a non or new swimmer and get them working towards their first 5-10 metres. Your child will learn correct body position along with the proper leg and arm technique. This class is perfect for developing water confidence and getting your child swimming in the pool without you. Children must be at least 3 years old. Parents are there to support, encourage, repeat instructions.

Mini Sea Turtle

3-4 year olds

Once a child is ready to swim without mum or dad, which is usually around 3 and a half we can move them to a Mini Turtle class which is a structured class where parents are poolside and we are focusing on learning to swim without aids. This class uses language specifically for 3-4yr olds and has a pace to match. We have lots of fun in this class whilst progressing towards independent swimming.