Baby Swimming Classes (0-12 months)

The ultimate bonding experience with your baby

Mini Swimming was founded 10 years ago because Kelly, the owner, loved taking her baby to swimming classes so much she decided she wanted to spend all day every day doing it!

Baby swimming classes provide the ultimate bonding experience with your baby, creating some magical one-to-one time away from distractions and jobs at home. They’re fun, energetic and a great way to make friends.

What happens in a baby swim class?

We start each class with our hello song, welcoming all babies to the class, this becomes a cue for babies to know what’s going on and they get excited when they hear it.

Then it’s our special Mini Swimming warm-up where we practise splashy hands, kicky feet, blowing bubbles and ending with big jumps so we’re ready to swim!

Lessons have three main activities. We often include an underwater submersion where we teach you and your baby how to safely swim under the water.

The first time you see your baby in the water, independently kicking their legs and heading for the surface just as you taught them is an unforgettable magic moment. The other two activities are usually games to practise back swimming or jumping in; there are always songs too! We say goodbye with a song which also helps your baby to learn it’s time to go home.


First time baby swimming

Mother with baby in pool
For little babies, you can book our special Baby’s First Swim package, which includes a private class for both parents and their baby where they have the whole pool and a teacher to themselves. The class will cover the basics of baby swimming and the teacher will capture the many special moments on film and photo using your device.

You’ll receive a bag with everything you’re going to need for swimming, and you’ll be booked for a 6-week term of group classes to grow and build on what you’ve learned and allow you to meet other parents with babies of a similar age.
Alternatively, simply book into group lessons, which run daily, including weekends.