Children’s Swimming Lessons Essex & Suffolk

Swimming lessons for 3-10 year-olds

Our academy classes are grouped by level starting with our Seaturtles who are our non swimmers and all the way up to our sharks and whales who we then arrange a trial to join the local competitive swimming club if the children want to continue swimming.

Mini Turtle

New Swimmers (3-4 years old)

Once a child is ready to swim without mum or dad, which is usually around 3 and a half we can offer them a Mini turtle class which is a structured class where parents are poolside and we are focusing on learning to swim without aids. This class uses language specifically for 3-4yr olds and has a pace to match. We have a lot of fun in this class and we all look forward the children progressing to unaided swimming. Children in this class are included in assessment week and giving out those first 5m and beyond certificates is a moment to cherish forever!

Parent and child Octopus

3-6 year olds

Our parent and child Octopus classes are designed for children who are ready for a more formal swimming lesson that is focused on proper swimming but aren’t quite ready to go it alone in the pool without a parent. The classes are designed to take a non or new swimmer and get them working towards their first unaided 5-10 metres. Your child will learn correct body position along with front and back paddle arm technique. This class is perfect for developing water confidence and getting your child swimming in the pool without you.

Sea Turtle

New Swimmers (4+ years)

Our Seaturtle classes are for children who are school aged who cannot yet swim unaided Classes are small in size and we focus on making sure we build your child’s water confidence and basic skills. We run regular assessment weeks and all parents get involved cheering every child on for their first solo swim. Your child’s first solo swim is as exciting to us as their first steps were for you.

In order for your child to join this class we ask the following:

  • Child is emotionally happy to be in the pool without a parent.
  • Child can listen and follow instructions given by the teacher
  • Child can enter the pool on a woggle
  • Child can keep themselves safe by remaining at the bar
  • Child can climb out with little to no assistance

Eagle Ray

Progressing Swimmers

Our Eagle Ray Classes are designed for those children who are water confident and are able to travel 5-10m in a paddle front and back and now need to master the crawl techniques and work on stamina. Your child will learn correct body position along with the proper leg and arm technique. This class is perfect for developing correct body position and working on breathing correctly.

In order for your child to join this class we ask the following:

  • Child can consistently swim 5m unaided using front paddle and back paddle
  • Child can jump into the water (with or without a woggle) unaided (no hand holding or catching)
  • Child is comfortable swimming without a woggle
  • Child can climb out of the pool safely unaided
  • Child is confident in the water

Sea lion

Progressing Swimmers

Our Sea Lion classes build on the foundations set out at the Sea Turtle levels. Arm and leg technique will progress whilst developing good breathing techniques. This class will also introduce Breast Stroke and lifesaving skills. We would expect all Sealions to be able to swim at least 25m front crawl and back stroke before they enter the class.

In order for your child to join this class we ask the following:

  • Child can consistently & competently swim 20 metres front and back crawl comfortably (using correct techniques).
  • Child can jump in unaided and return to the bar unaided
  • Child swims with face in the water for front crawl using rhythmic breathing


Competent Swimmers

At Dolphin level, swimmers are now swimming at a competent level with their Front Crawl, Back Crawl, and Breaststroke. This class will work on technical improvements to each of these strokes whilst also working on stamina and strength. This class will also introduce swimmers to Butterfly.

In order for your child to join this class we ask the following:

  • Child can swim a minimum of 75m front crawl & 25m breaststroke using correct technique
  • Rhythmic side breathing for front crawl breathing every third arm pull
  • Good quality front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke
    Can retrieve an object from the bottom of the pool


Good Swimmers

Swimmers at Whale level should now be familiar with all four competitive strokes. Practices will be used to improve technique and pace to get swimmers swimming more efficiently and at a quicker pace.

In order for your child to join this class we ask the following:

  • Can swim 4 x strokes (front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, butterfly) competently & comfortably including breathing and timing.
  • Can perform a forward roll in the water
  • Can swim a minimum of 100m front crawl using good technique and correct side breathing.
  • Good understanding of sculling action
  • Beginning to show an understanding of correct starts and turns

*Whales will be learning a series of water skills and their contrasting activity will be one of the four strokes they can already perform so it is important those strokes are already being performed correctly with minimal correction required.