Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Mini Swimming will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury whilst parking, transferring to the pool or on pool premises.

The participation of you, your child or those in whose care you have placed your child for the purpose of attending or watching swimming classes is done so entirely at your own risk.

All medical and behavioural conditions have been disclosed to Mini Swimming for the purpose of attending swimming classes. Should you or your child have any existing medical conditions, Mini Swimming expect that you have sought the advice and permission form a healthcare professional as we are not medically qualified to comment on whether swimming is or isn’t advisable.

The recommendations, ideas and techniques expressed and described in Mini Swimming classes cannot be regarded as a substitute for the advice of qualified medical practitioners. Any uses to which the recommendations, ideas and techniques are put are solely at your discretion and risk.

Unless you have opted out, Mini Swimming have the right to take photos in lessons which may later be used for Marketing purposes.

Mini Swimming reserve the right to ask a child that is disruptive to leave the class and a refund may or may not be given.

All outdoor shoes must be removed before you enter the changing rooms.

Please ensure all jewellery is removed before entering the pool.

Mini Swimming reserve the right to refuse admission to the pool without the appropriate swimwear. All babies and non toilet trained children must wear a double nappy system consisting of a disposable inner (Huggies or supermarket’s own disposable swim nappy) with a Happy Nappy over the top. Happy Nappies are marketed by Splashabout and can be bought online, in some baby shops and poolside.

All disposable nappies should be taken home as there are no bins provided.

Following sickness or diarrhoea your child must be clear of symptoms for 48 hours prior to attendance at class.

In the event of an unforeseen circumstance such as heating failure that results in the class being cancelled, Mini Swimming will endeavour to offer parents another class but no refunds will be given.

Places will not be reserved without full payment.
The responsibility for all swimming with your child outside of Mini Swimming classes is borne by you and not Mini Swimming.

Mini Swimming do not take any responsibility for any practices described or shown in any books or videos.

Unless you have opted out of this, Mini Swimming will assume you are happy to be contacted with newsletters, information on underwater photo shoots and other offers. Please be assured that we never disclose your contact details to any third parties.

Refund policy:
Unfortunately, we do have a no refund policy. This is due to the limited number of spaces we have in each class. Your booking will have taken up and reserved a space that could have otherwise been sold to another swimmer.

Also, under exceptional circumstances, we may be able to agree “freezing”your swimming course with us, for an agreed period of time. This is discretionary and will need to be agreed with the office directly. Medical proof for such freezing will be required.

Additional Covid-19 terms and conditions

1. Equipment:

The sharing of equipment will be minimised. All child only swimmers will be asked to bring their own woggles, kickboard floats and goggles to each lesson. There will be floats available and no goggles lent. All child only classes need a kick board and all child only classes except dolphins and whale classes need a woggle. We would also ask you to buy a sinky toy so your child can take part in that activity. You can source your own or buy them here: www.miniswimming.co.uk/swim-shop. I will be at the Stanway pool several times before we open and will send all purchasers the dates and times for collection. Parent and child classes, we would like you to also buy a woggle as it is the most used piece of kit.

2. Spectators:

From now on there is to be only one person per child in attendance at the pool. This means unfortunately we cannot allow additional spectators, changing room helpers or siblings. This is firstly to decrease numbers in a small space and therefore the risk of infection but also to allow those spectators who are present because they are the accompanying parent the ability to sit distant to each other. Additional spectators decrease the space. Benches have been removed in order to have less to clean so its standing i’m afriad. We are hoping that with so many parents working from home that the other parent can help out or we can look to move your class to a day or time where you have additional help if you have multiple children. We realise this is very disappointing for all the parents and grandparents who love to watch. It’s disappointing for us too because we love seeing the benches full of families. I hope you understand this is the guidance we have to follow.

3. Lost Property:

We have been advised that we must not store lost property so please ensure you take great care in taking your things home with you.

4. Shower:

The showers will not be available for a while.

5. Attendance of classes.

We are all parents and all in this together. Please ensure that you and your child do not have any Covid-19 symptoms including a high temperature. We know it’s annoying to miss a class but we must all consider each other and not take any risks. Our ability to remain open will be dependent on many factors but one will be ensuring that we do not have an outbreak and have provided a safe learning environment.

6. Changing rooms.

Due to the communal nature of the changing at Columbus College, Until social distancing restrictions are removed the changing rooms are closed. For other venues it would be very helpful if as many swimmers as possible arrived “pool ready” which will reduce the amount of cleaning that is required in the changing rooms. It’s not a requirement at all. But lots of you already arrive that way and I’m sure you understand it helps reduce down touch points and cleaning.

7. Arrival.

We have to ensure that we have time between classes to clean without cleaning around swimmers. We ask that you arrive 7 minutes before your lesson and not before. When you arrive, please ensure that you keep your distance from other swimmers who may be arriving at similar times and file through the foyer at a distance. If you are late for your class please do not attend as you will end up clashing with exiting swimmers in the foyer and changing areas. When there is 1 minute to go until your class you will be called to enter the pool room and line up along the long side where you would normally do jumping in. Parents line up with your children, keeping your distance. When the ongoing class has finished you and your child/your child will be asked to enter the pool. If you are spectating you then make your way to the spectating area, again maintaining your distance. We shall be implementing screens/spots to stand on and ask that you file in to them starting with the furthest one so that you don’t have to step over each other.

8. Departure.

We appreciate that getting dressed after swimming, particularly with a little one can be painful! We ask that without being stressed about it that you exit as soon as you can to create a larger cleaning window. As you exit please ensure that you are not bunching up and also do not hang around on the entrances. The pathways must be kept clear to give a clear path for arrivals and also please remember that having lots of chatting people on the drive is annoying for the neighbours in their gardens. Ideally we would like all swimmers to be off site within 10 minutes which then gives time to clean properly.

9. Bags/coats etc:

Can you please minimise the amount of things you bring into the changing room. All belongings must go inside one box and this includes your shoes and coat. This is to minimise the contact of things with people from different households.

10. Interaction with teacher.

Your teachers will all be teaching poolside for a while. They will be able to retain their distance from swimmers this way. It’s not our preferred way but we must keep them safe. We respectively ask that you do not approach them. They will no longer sell happy nappies (please buy from the office and they will post or you can arrange to collect from the Stanway pool) and they will not provide face to face feedback, If you want some info from them please contact the office and they will help. This is not to say don’t talk to them of course! but please remember to keep your distance.

11. Water cooler.

The water cooler has been removed as it’s impossible to clean properly and is a magnet for little hands. Please try to remember to bring yourself a water bottle if you are spectating.

12. Class bubbles.

In accordance to the government’s stance on creating ‘bubbles’ from now on the swapping of classes will no longer be permitted. This means that unfortunately we will not be able to arrange make up classes for our swimmers. The government have made it clear that any mixing of bubbles shall be at a minimum and therefore allowing swimmers to switch classes means doubling the number of households mixing and it is not allowed. We are introducing a monthly payment system over the next week or so and within that we shall be offering reduced payments to cover some of the potential benefits of make up classes. Trial classes are also not possible.

13. Child only beginners.

As above we shall have to teach poolside for a period of time. This means that we have to consider how we ensure your child’s safety when we are not at touching distance. The team have all had training on this matter so they are ready and confident to deliver great classes but for now we would like your child to arrive in arm bands if they are in a Mini Turtle or sea Turtle class. We don’t love armbands usually, but we have had four months off swimming and that’s a really long time for our children. Our children will need some time to settle in, find their sea legs again and then your teacher will on a child by child basis confirm the arm bands can come off. I hope you understand that your children mean everything to us and their safety is the most important thing. We need to ensure they aren’t going under the water and I need to ensure that my team aren’t constantly fishing children out of the water who have fallen off a woggle and therefore putting themselves and potentially your children at risk. We would ideally recommend swim arm discs (3 on each arm) These discs allow a little more freedom of movement for the children and also the discs can be reduced as your child’s confidence in the water grows. If you have some of these discs already or are able to find some for a good price then great! (Amazon sell a good selection of not too expensive discs) If not, some regular blow up arm bands are absolutely fine. Please arrive wearing them as the teachers can’t put them on. Please also bring your woggle and float with you as they are used all the time.

If you are concerned about this approach we shall also be offering a parent and child sea turtle class where by the parent becomes the swim assistant for their child. The classes will run as a normal sea turtle class but with extra assistants. Please ask if you would like this type of class and we can give you options. Please note that unless you are booked into a parent and child seaturtle class you will be not be allowed to get in the pool. We can also offer private lessons if you would prefer. Please ask for details.

14. Goggles.

Teachers and parents are forever adjusting goggles. Please ensure that your child can put their own goggles on (a swimming hat makes this a million times easier) and that they are fitted snugly once on. (A trick is to fit them in the bath when their hair is wet) so they aren’t coming off. The teachers cannot adjust and we need to avoid parents having to intervene as this means a whole load of distancing considerations.

15. Hands.

We will have hand sanitiser stations at the front of each pool. Please ensure you and your child use them when you arrive at the pool.

16. The Foyer:

In order to stop bunching we have to allow the wearing of shoes into the changing rooms so that when you arrive you go straight to get changed. It would be greatly appreciated during these lovely warm dry days if you could arrive in flip flops and slip them off quickly as that will really help with not tracking dirt into the changing rooms whilst also meaning you don’t linger in the foyer. Please be cautious about children going through using the toilet.

Should you have any questions further questions on our refund policy, please feel free to get in touch.