Hi, my name is Kelly and I own Mini Swimming in Colchester, Suffolk and Chelmsford. I created Mini Swimming because 14 and a bit years ago i had a teeny tiny daughter named Katherine who I took to swimming classes on a Friday morning and I loved them so much that I wanted to do it every day!

Fast forward 14 years and I have four children who are all sports mad and keep me and my car busy! Mini Swimming has always been and will always be other baby. My passion today is about creating a team to deliver classes where every single day across Essex and Suffolk children come running out of school excited because today is swimming day!!! And every day, mummies and daddies are excited to come swimming with their little ones. In years to come I look forward to taking calls from adults who were once enrolled in lessons and are now parents themselves and want to enroll their children because they remember how much they loved their lessons. I’d love to discover an Olympian but actually what I really want is for our swimming classes to be the highlight of every one of my swimmers’ weeks.

I love working with my truly exceptional team. No one at Mini Swimming is fine or ok. They are all exceptional, all brilliant and I’m very lucky to get to spend my days with them all.