First Baby Swim

Everything you need for your first term of baby swimming

A private introductory session, with the opportunity to take photos of baby’s first swim, followed by six weeks of small-group swimming with other mums and dads who have newborns just like you. Not just that, we’ve decided to include all the accessories you need for your first term’s swimming, a beach bag filled with: a woggle, disposable nappies, a happy nappy and a special Mini Swimming duck!

 Private First Swim:

First baby swim private class- just you, your partner and your baby with a teacher who will go through all the basics of baby swimming including holds, moves and songs. You’ll have the whole pool to yourselves and the teacher would be very happy to capture the moment for you by taking photos and videos on your device. The session is truly magical for you all and a day you will never forget.

Six group lessons:

Six weeks of new baby classes for mum or dad. These will be with up to 6 other mums/dads all starting at the same time with similar aged babies so a great way to make new mummy friends and start your own baby social bubble. Weekday classes are included in the package. All you have to do is look at the availability online for a starfish class during the week that has a space and let us know which one you choose and we shall reserve your space to start the week after your private swimming class so your first private class that you share together always comes first.

Also included: A swimming bag with happy nappy, packet of disposable swim nappies, a Mini Swimming duck and swimming woggle – everything you need for your first term.


The spaces left for Oct for the private classes are:

Private classes:


  • Tuesday @ 3pm:  – 12th, 19th or 26th 
  • Wednesday @ 1:30pm: – Oct 6th,  13th, 20th & 27th 
  • Wednesday @ 3:00pm:  Oct 13th 20th & 27th 
  • Thursday @ 12.30pm:  Oct – 14th, 21st & 28th
  • Friday @ 12.00pm:  Oct – 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th 


  • Tuesday @ 14.00 Oct 19th or 26th 

  • Tuesday @ 14.30 Oct 12th, 19th or 26th 

Special Offer at £105

If you would like to book in please fill in the form below. We will send you a payment request and hold a space for you.