FAQ – Existing swimmers
What happens if I go on holiday or my child is poorly?
If you miss your swimming session then I am afraid this will be a missed class as your space can not be filled. We do offer 2 free classes per year should you wish to sign up for a Direct Debit. You can choose to pay monthly so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting and losing your space. It also is better for budgeting of course. Members who pay for direct debits don’t pay for 2 classes a year to cover some missed classes for sickness or holidays. Classes also work out cheaper as less administration! (You are not signed into a contract)
Can I change the time or day I swim?
As long as there is space in the class you wish to move to then yes you can move class. We ask that you look at the schedule online to see the times and days and which classes have spaces and then advise us by email of your change request.
What are the term dates?
We run rolling terms this means that we swim throughout the year and you can join us at any time. There will be some break weeks which will be confirmed in your booking.

For Lexden and Stanway they break weeks are:
Monday 31st of May to Sunday the 6th of June inclusive
Tuesday the 17th of August until Monday the 30th of August inclusive
Monday the 20th of December until Sunday the 2nd of January 2022 inclusive

For Frinton they are:
Monday 31st of May to Friday the 4th of June Inclusive
Saturday the 26th of June only
Tuesday the 17th of August until Monday the 30th of August inclusive
Monday the 20th of December until Sunday the 2nd of January 2022 inclusive

Gladwins Farm follow the Suffolk schools terms dates and swimming is only during term time: https://www.suffolk.gov.uk/children-families-and-learning/schools/school-term-and-holiday-dates/#tab2

South London/Dunmow will confirm separately.

Do you close for school holidays?
Our pools in Colchester and Frinton run all year with the exception of 5 weeks holiday (Usually 2 weeks over Christmas, 2 weeks over the summer, and 1 week over Easter) Gladwins Farm pool closes over the school holidays. For other pools and confirmation of exact dates contact your local pool office. Dates will be confirmed on your booking.
What happens to my space after the first term?
Existing swimmers always get their spaces guaranteed in future terms. During your term you will be contacted by email and asked if you want to continue on and given the deadline for when you must pay. Spaces are offered to the waiting list only if a swimmer doesn’t wish to continue or doesn’t pay in time.

If you want to carry on but you get paid shortly after the deadline you should get in touch and we will happily extend your deadline by a few days.

Can I pay by Direct Debit?
We do offer direct debit payments in our Colchester and Dunmow pools. This is an option after your first term. Once you are booked in you will get an email with details on how to set up a DD going forward. Please check your email for that email and if you’re unsure contact your local office.
Can the parent attending rotate or can my mum bring my son to his class?
Absolutely fine. As long as the person attending is fit and well they are very welcome. The attending parent must be an adult.