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PreSchool Course Program 2-3 year olds- Younger Preschoolers Our Pre-schoolers are keen! Balls...

2-3 year olds - Younger Pre-schoolers

Our Pre-schoolers are keen! Balls, woggles and floats are used to improve alignment and style whilst confident jumping in makes an enormous splash! 2-3 year olds initiate their own swimming by taking a breath, putting their face in the water, exhaling and kicking. Before long their small swims just get longer. They swim through hoops or onto the steps, returning to a standing position. They love to wear their goggles and hunt for sinking toys in the pool. Swimming and turning activities promote water safety and develop ease of movement in the water.

3-4 year olds- Older Pre-schoolers

Our Older Pre-schoolers love to swim! As soon as they gain the arm strength to lift their head to breathe, they are able to swim at least a width, and often much further. We help them develop their balance and coordination further, to move gracefully through the water. They also learn to dive for treasure at the bottom of the pool and the gentle art of relaxation through floating. ). All children learn to swim basic front crawl, back crawl and breast stroke through clever use of analogies and games - without even realizing it!