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 “Dive into Joy: A Journey into Baby Swimming” “

“Welcome to our aquatic adventure!

In this blog, we’re exploring the wonderful world of baby swimming—a delightful and enriching experience for both parents and their little water enthusiasts. Join us as we dive into the benefits, tips, and heart warming stories surrounding this unique and joy-filled activity.


The Benefits of Baby Swimming:

Early Water Confidence: Introducing your baby to swimming early can build water confidence that lasts a lifetime.
Physical Development: Baby swimming contributes to the development of motor skills and coordination.
Bonding Moments: Swimming with your baby provides bonding opportunities that arise in the water, creating unforgettable moments for both parents and babies.

When to start:

We are happy to accept babies from 6 weeks old onto our courses. Before this age we can suggest useful exercises for you and your baby in the bath at home..

Preparing for Baby’s First Swim:

Gentle Introduction: Discover how to ease your baby into the water with a gradual and positive approach. At Mini Swimming we offer a package which will give you the perfect opportunity for their first introduction. You can find out more here – First Baby Swim | Mini Swimming Colchester
Safety First: With Mini Swimming you will learn crucial water safety tips to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience.

Water Activities for Baby:

In our classes you’ll enjoy games and Songs: Dive into our creative water games and sing-alongs to make each swimming session a joyful adventure.
Stimulating Exercises: At Mini Swimming we explore water-based exercises that promote physical and cognitive development


Heartwarming Experiences:

Read some of our personal anecdotes from parents about the joy and laughter they’ve shared with their babies in the pool.

My daughter has been attending mini swimming since she was 8 weeks old, she is now 5 and I do not have anything but praise for mini swimming. Having worked our way up through the different stages, I can see how carefully thought out the pitch and progression is at each level, from the songs and games in the baby stages to the water safety and development of strokes in the older classes. My daughters progression and confidence over the years has been a pleasure to watch, swimming independently from just 3 years old. We have been lucky enough to have kept the same teacher, Tiffany, throughout the 5 years, which has been an added bonus, she is outstanding! She builds relationships with both the children and the parents, enthuses fun and confidence into every lesson and clearly has a passion for swimming which passes through to her pupils!
The facilities are great, warm and clean with attention to detail. The office staff are equally brilliant, providing great communication about the lessons and always quick to respond to any emails.

I absolutely love Mini Swimming & can’t recommend them enough. My Daughter has been attending classes since she was around 3 months old, watching her grow & her confidence in the water is fantastic. All the coaching staff are really lovely, they interact so well with all the children and parents. The office staff do a fantastic job of keeping you in touch and deal with emails so quickly.
My daughter has been at mini swimming for over a year and she has gained so much confidence swimming in the water which is a life saving skill for your child to learn. The classes are fun, educational and are different every week. My daughter loves the different themed weeks they do based on the time of the year I.e Halloween themed as one example.

Highly recommended!!!
We have been taking our little girl to mini swimming since she was 8 weeks old, she is now 2 years 9 months. She has gained amazing confidence in the water and is always excited to go to her lesson every week to see Heidi

I’d been thinking of booking my little one into swimming for a while but hadn’t taken the plunge (excuse the pun!). I went into the Stanway reception to have a chat and the staff were so welcoming. They showed us around the pool. Talked through the options and held a space for us whilst we slept on it. We went for it and I’m really pleased we did. The pool is spotlessly clean and lovely and warm. The staff are friendly and our swimming instructor is great.
This is an amazing swim school all the staff here are incredible and so helpful the classes are great my little one has already earned her badge 2 in starfish she absolutely loves her swimming and classes are always such fun

Milestones and Achievements:

Here at Mini Swimming we celebrate the swimming milestones of little ones, from the first splash to confident paddling. Check out our Hall of Fame to see all our recent achievements –


What is baby swimming, when is it safe to start swimming – You’ll find lots of useful information and answers to some very common questions in our FAQ’s here –