Little Barn (Great Dunmow)

Little Barn | Park Rd |Little Easton | CM6 2JH | Essex


Little Barn (Great Dunmow)

Little Barn | Park Rd |Little Easton | CM6 2JH | Essex

Our purpose-built teaching pool benefits from the high specifications of a modern commercial pool whilst maintaining the personal feel of a smaller, private pool.

Little Barn Great Dunmow is the newest pool in the Mini Swimming lineup.

The pool is set amongst the grounds of a beautiful country house. The purpose-built pool benefits from the high specifications of a modern commercial pool whilst maintaining the personal feel of a smaller private pool.

This way we are able to deliver the best and safest possible lessons for your child.

Modern cleaning and filtration mean that this pool is able to be maintained at a much lower chlorine level than any public swimming pool.

The pool is maintained at a beautiful 32 degrees meaning you and your little one are comfortable all year round.

Our new changing rooms are fitted with 10 individual changing cubicles meaning that you will always have your own space to get ready for your class.

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Mini Swimming - Little Barn - Dunmow

Classes Running at Little Barn

StarFish (0-12 Months)

Our Starfish classes introduce your baby to water in a relaxed engaging and fun way.

Babies can join from just six weeks old.
Our aim in these classes is for parent and baby to enjoy being in the water together. We encourage lots of eye contact with fun activities and play. Songs and rhymes provide gentle stimulation and are an effective way to communicate with your baby. Babies enjoy the water massaging their bodies and the freedom of movement.
We introduce the underwater environment, too, with a focus on the communication between parent and baby. This will teach your baby lifesaving survival skills and confidence.Swimming with a parent promotes skin-to-skin contact, security and a wonderful feeling!

Clownfish (12-24 Months)

Our 1-2-year-olds are mostly toddlers now and love to play! They enjoy splashing, jumping in, kicking their legs and chasing balls. We encourage this with fun games and songs, together with swimming time with their parent.
Our toddlers love to interact with each other, too, and the songs and group activities provide a focus for this. Most of the children in this class are extremely comfortable taking little swims on their own, both with floats and unaided. Without realising it, our toddlers are becoming skilled and safety conscious. They love to blow bubbles (the first step to learning to exhale in the water) and playing with the various water toys we provide.
Our teachers are also amazing at working with new swimmers at this age who might not be so confident in the water.


Our Seahorse class for preschoolers are perfect for developing your child’s confidence and independence in the water. Now able to take instructions themselves, your child will love interacting with their teacher directly whilst still enjoying the comfort and guidance of having you by their side. These classes will take the fun and engaging format of our younger classes whilst gently introducing swimming techniques that will see them starting to independently swim around the pool. We perfectly balance games and teaching practices so that your child won’t even realise that they are learning.
Your teacher will constantly monitor your child’s progress and will let you know as soon as they are ready to join our Academy Program (child only).

SeaTurtle (Over 4 years old)

Our Sea Turtle Classes are designed to take a non or new swimmer and get them working towards their first 5-10 metres. Your child will learn correct body position along with the proper leg and arm technique. This class is perfect for developing water confidence and getting your child swimming and safe around the water. 

These classes will focus on front and back swimming.


Our Sea Lion classes build on the foundations set out at the Sea Turtle level. Arm and leg technique will progress from a paddling action to the proper Front and Back Crawl whilst introducing them to the good breathing techniques.

This class will also introduce Breaststroke and lifesaving skills.


At Dolphin level, swimmers are now swimming at a competent level with their Front Crawl, Back Crawl, and Breaststroke. This class will work on technical improvements to each of these strokes whilst also working on stamina and strength.

This class will also introduce swimmers to Butterfly.

Little Barn (Great Dunmow)

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