About Us

Mini Swimming was born from a love of taking our own babies and children to swimming classes. We found that we and our children loved going to the lessons and enjoyed them above all of the other classes and groups we tried. We looked forward to the weekly sessions, missed them when they weren’t on and not only found that our children became confident swimmers but we also made some great friends along the way!

We set Mini Swimming up in the hope that we could inspire many more parents and babies to love swimming as we do, but also from being full time working parents ourselves, we knew how difficult it was to find classes on rare days off and weekends and wanted to offer a service that catered for this need.

We are fully qualified swimming instructors but being parents ourselves, we understand that bringing your baby swimming for the first time can be a daunting experience. At Mini Swimming, we believe that putting our parents at ease is equally as important as introducing the babies to the water. We are passionate about what we do and our ethos not only focuses on the children, but equally on our parents. Swimming with your baby or child provides you with uninterrupted time that will allow you to bond in a calm and relaxing environment.

Our lessons are age and ability specific, enabling our parents to participate in classes with other parents and children at the same stage of learning and development as their own. We aim to create a fun, sociable, relaxed and friendly environment for all our parents and children.

Both parents and little ones will reap many varied benefits and great social rewards from attending our classes. Babies, toddlers and children have the opportunity to interact with each other – as do parents! We offer parent and child classes (from six weeks to four years) as well as child only classes (from three years). No matter, what skill level your child, we pride ourselves on a friendly and personal approach. Basically, we want everyone to feel welcome at Mini Swimming.

More classes are being added all the time, so please enquire if there are specific times and days you require.​ We look forward to hearing form you!