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The Mini Swimming Franchise Model

Become your own boss doing something you love

About Mini Swimming

Mini Swimming is owned by Kelly and Steve Ames. We started the business as our own swimming school for babies and pre-schoolers in Chelmsford and Billericay in February 2012 because we could see that there was a gap in the market for a swimming school that was run with all the love and fluffiness of a small business but had a commercial heart with aspirations for growth and success.

In two years from launch we took Mini Swimming to 1,000 signed up swimmers with six pools, 11 teachers and assistants and a schedule of over 200 classes a week.

We began franchising Mini Swimming in June 2013 with great success and are now looking to grow that to more areas, across the whole of the UK.

Why choose a Mini Swimming Franchise?

There are many people who dream of owning their own business but the reality is getting started isn’t that easy. Running a Mini Swimming Franchise is more stress-free than setting up your own business as it means that you essentially get a ready-made business with everything in place ready for you to go. The benefits are varied, with our existing franchisees reporting that they find it extremely rewarding both personally and financially.

As part of the Franchise, Mini Swimming will supply:

  • Your own exclusive territory which is based not just on general population figures but on high earning young families within it
  • Full business and swim training to get you up and running with confidence
  • Financial guidance to help you master the first steps on your way to independence
  • A comprehensive core equipment package that sets you up for your first lessons
  • Extensive Marketing support to get your business promotion off to a professional and successful start
  • A wide variety of admin templates to help with the everyday running of your new venture
  • A fully established website to help you attract and engage with new customers online

Who can become a Mini Swimming Franchisee?

Tecnically, anyone with a love for our business and aspirations to run their own successful business. You could be a seasoned swim teacher or a Mum looking for a return to the workplace. What you do need to be is ambitious and enthusiastic, you should come across as friendly and welcoming and need to enjoy working with babies and children (and people in general). Knowledge of local child related businesses and the confidence to network your local area will be beneficial. You do not need to have your own pool or swim teacher qualifications, as we will guide you through the process of gaining those.

Mini Swimmig will support you in many ways but there is some input that has to come from you, like pool sourcing and local networking, for example. 

Interested in becoming your own boss?

If you think you might have what it takes to join us as a Franchisee, find out more about the franchise opportunities available with Mini Swimming (including a full prospectus and revenue projections) by contacting Kelly, who will be pleased to discuss your options in greater detail and issue you with a Franchise Pack and set up a meeting to answer your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!