Private Hire

The pools in Lexden and Stanway are available for private hire.

Enjoy our beautifully warm pools al to yourself or share some swim time with a friend or family. There is a maximum of 4 adults and 4 children for any booking in most cases. The pool is exclusively yours for one hour including changing time. We offer private hire as a one-off ad-hoc event or a repeated booking at the same time every week for 6 weeks. The benefit of booking in blocks of 6 is that firstly its cheaper per session and secondly your slot is reserved for you for the weeks beyond your 6 weeks. We always give our regular slot bookers first opportunity to book again before the slot is released for others to book in. 

One off slots:

Bookable on our online portal:


Regular weekly slots for 6 weeks:

Current availability is:

Lexden: Monday @ 1.30pm starting 17th or 24th of January @ £240 for 6 weeks

Lexden: Tuesday @ 1pm starting 25th of January @ £240 for 6 weeks

Lexden: Wednesday @ 2pm starting the 26th January @ £240 for 6 weeks

Lexden: Thursday @ 1pm starting 20th of January @ £240 for 6 weeks

Lexden: Friday @ 1.30pm starting 21st January £270.00 for 6 weeks
Stanway: Saturday @ 7pm starting 22nd January @ £270 for 6 weeks
Call 01206 483933 to book in



Slots can be booked for a block of 6 at the same time for 6 weeks in a row. As well as a regular slot at the time and day you want you also get the right to renew the slot so that no-one can take your slot from you.

Ad-hoc slots are available for £45 for an hour on weekdays and £50 per hour weekdays including changing.