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Why Us

Why choose Mini Swimming?

  • Specially selected locations to ensure highest quality pools and excellent changing facilities.
  • Highly qualified teachers who have undertaken STA Baby & Pre-School, STA Beginners Diploma, NaRS Pool Safety Award and Birthlight Infant Aquatics.
  • Small class sizes for maximum learning and one-to-one attention.
  • Classes where Mums and Dads are welcome and appropriate changing for both.
  • Both parents can swim with baby if preferred.
  • Flexible and accommodating - we are one of the only swim schools to provide make up lessons if you can’t make one or your child is poorly.
  • Every lesson focuses on ensuring each child is challenged and learns something new, without over-stretching them and making them feel pressurised.
  • Friendly, family-run business - we have small children ourselves so understand your requirements well.


Danielle says

My husband takes our little girl of 2, it's the highlight of his week. Mini swimming do such a good job of challenging kids but not pushing them too far but they make it fun too! Love them!

Sam says

We love mini swimming! Steve and Kelly are brilliant teachers and both our children love them. The lessons are always great fun with lots of learning as well. We have tried other more expensive classes in the past but these are the best. Highly recommended.

Lyndsay says

We could not ask for more from Mini Swimmers. We love taking our 6 month old daughter, she loves the water and is becoming more confident every week. I would recommend these classes to everyone! Kelly and Steve make is great fun for everyone, babies and parents!

Katie says

I've been taking my daughter swimming with Mini Swimming since she was 4 months old. I carried out lots of research before making my choice and I'm so pleased. My baby has gone from a tearful baby in the water to one who can't wait to jump in! She has learnt lots of safety with water along the way and always has fun. I've always felt very comfortable and recommend them to anyone who will listen!!

Gemma (mum to Freya) says

Just wanted to say thanks to Steve and Kelly for another fantastic term of swimming. Classes are always fun and we’ve been amazed at how quickly Freya has taken to it. We love the fact that you’re happy for both Gavin and me to get in the pool with her, it means we don’t have to fight over who gets to take her this week. We’re especially grateful for your helpfulness and flexibility in allowing us to swap which class we come to some weeks in order to fit in around Gavin’s erratic work shifts. It’s meant we haven’t had to miss any classes. Can’t wait for next term to start.

Jade (mum to Riley) says

Riley loves his swimming lessons more than anything! We are so glad that he is doing so well and that the lessons have helped him become so confident in water. Thank you to Steve and Kelly! x x x x

Claire (mum to Cora) says

I'd recommend these swimming classes to any mum or dad. Only regret is that I didn't start sooner, I waited until after Cora was 12 weeks, but turns out the doctors said I didn't need to, she didn't even need her injections first. She just found it so natural when she was tiny, that I think the earlier you start the better. If anyone is unsure I can thoroughly recommend and they sleep like...... well a baby, after the class, happy, contented, exhausted, a bit like me.

Lisa (mum to Gracie) says

I don't often write reviews but these are absolutely fantastic classes! Gracie is 5 months and becoming so confident in the water. we really enjoy the experience every week! Kelly and steve are two very dedicated people, who do their upmost to ensure the classes are imaginative, fun and different every week, with lots of singing and activities whilst implementing the important swimming skills! As parents we feel comfortable in the water with our baby and are really enjoying watching her progress each week! Looking forward to the next term! smile

Lisa (mum to Mia) says

I never leave reviews but was so impressed with the classes my 4 year old attended that felt the need to give our praises to Kelly and Steve and the way they run their classes. They are so much fun and I think I enjoyed it as much as my 4 year old. She was very afraid of the water on her first class but her confidence grew rapidly and the 30 mins class just zooms past. She never wanted to get out! Unfortunately, we had to leave the classes due to the distance as we live in Upminster. We were both very sorry to leave. Putting the fun and interesting content of the classes aside, the way the business is run with customer care to the parents is very impressive. We were offered to join alternative classes if we were free and we're reimbursed before the term ended due to problems with the pool we attended and not being able to travel to a further alternative. Look no further and sign up now. You will not be disappointed. If we lived nearer we would have loved to continue to attend.

Shauna (mum to Summer) says

I have never left a review but i thought I would to let everyone know how good these classes are. My little girl is only 6 mouths old and is learning slowly how to swim and now loves the water. I think mini swimming is very good as have a lot of classes in diffrent areas of chelmsford and the staff are very nice and funny wihch make it different xx