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Baby & Toddler

A brief overview of our various baby and toddler lessons, which range from six weeks to 24 months. All classes listed below are parent and child classes.

0-6 month olds - Tiny Babies

Our 0-6 month old classes introduce your tiny baby to water in as relaxed a way as possible. Babies can join from just six weeks old (they do not need to have completed their injections under the current Department of Health guidelines). Our aim in these classes is primarily for parent and baby to enjoy being in the water together. We encourage lots of eye contact with fun activities and play. Songs and rhymes provide gentle stimulation and are an effective way to communicate with your baby. Tiny babies enjoy the water massaging their bodies and the freedom of movement and buoyancy that it provides.

We introduce the underwater environment, too, with a focus on the communication between parent and baby. This offers a unique sensory experience and develops confidence in the water. Babies love to float on their backs with their ears in the water, gazing up at their parent. Swimming with parent promotes skin-to-skin contact, security and a wonderful feeling!

7-12 month olds - Babies

Our 7-12 month olds are beginning to gain stronger backs and greater head control giving them the opportunity for swimming with woggles and jumping in. They want to be on their front, and are beginning to become interested in the pool environment. Babies of this age particularly love splashes and bubbles. In this class we encourage them to make little splashes with their arms and to kick their legs, reaching out for small toys and playing in the water.

Our underwater activities continue to focus totally on the baby, with small exercises designed to maintain their trust and confidence, watching their faces and responding to their cues. The songs and rhymes are the most natural way for babies to listen and learn. All activities are carefully balanced to ensure they have fun and stay relaxed. Repetition provides fun, reassurance and promotes learning.

12-24 month olds - Toddlers

Our 1-2 year olds are mostly toddlers now and love to play! They enjoy splashing, jumping in, kicking their legs and chasing balls. We encourage this with fun games and songs, together with swimming time with their parent.

Our toddlers love to interact with each other, too, and the songs and group activities provide a focus for this. Most of the children in this class are extremely comfortable taking little swims on their own, both with woggles and unaided. Without realising it, our toddlers are becoming skilled and safety conscious. They love to blow bubbles (the first step to learning to exhale in the water) and playing with the various water toys we provide. Repetition makes learning to swim easy and natural.