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Our Academy Swimming classes (for Primary school children) follow the same ethos as our baby and pre-school classes. We believe that all children have a natural affinity with the water, and can enjoy the experience of swimming with an efficient, fluid stroke. We start with simple skills and build on these slowly, in easy steps in accordance with your child's physical ability and understanding. We balance this with fun activities to develop additional skills including life-saving floating and surface diving. 

Beginner 1

For non-swimmers who cannot yet swim any distance independently on their own. Classes develop water confidence and basic skills such as kicking and scooping hands. The focus of this class is to develop confidence with moving around the pool independently. Moving the child from using buoyancy aids all of the time, to building up to their first few meters of independent swimming.

Beginner 2

For swimmers who are comfortable in the water and starting to swim around their first few metres independently on their front and back. Classes are designed to continue developing their basic technique and growing their water confidence. Swimmers are expected to comfortably start swimming 5 -10 meters by the end of this level.

Beginner 3

For children who can swim about 5 to 10 metres independently on their front and back. Classes develop alignment, water skills and fundamentals of stroke technique. This class will move them from a paddle to a crawl action. These classes will also introducing them new techniques such and breaststroke and treading water.


For children who can swim about 25 metres on their front, back and breaststroke. They will also need to be able to tred water and be happy out of their depth. Classes develop stamina and good stroke technique.


For children who can swim about 50 to 100 metres on their front, back and breaststroke in good style. They will be very confident out of their depth and looking to improve their style and stamina.


Designed for children who would like the challenge of diving, tumble turns, speed and safety awards including swimming in clothes. Classes are run in a similar way to a club but without the pressure of swimming every day.