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Our Awards System

Our swimmers are all putting in a fantastic amount of enthusiasm and energy and we like to reward their efforts with our very own series of awards, which get achieved for a variety of milestones along the swimming journey. Our Little Fish Series comprises the Starfish, Seahorse, Sea Turtle and Sea Lion Awards. For each level reached the swimmer receives a personalised certificate.


    Awarded for demonstrating the ability to:

    1 Perform a safe entry into the pool.

    2 Using gentle movements introduce baby to the water.

    3 Support baby from the front and move freely around the pool.

    4 Supporting baby from the back and move freely around the pool.

    5 Wash babies face and hair with water.

    6 Exit the pool safely.


    Awarded for demonstrating the ability to:

    1 Move around the pool using the safety hold.

    2 Perform a basic submersion, bringing baby gently into the water using the correct cue.

    3 Encourage/assist baby to hold onto the poolside or bar.

    4 Holding baby facing you, submerge yourself in the water for baby to see.

    5 Move around the pool using seat hold.

    6 Floating baby on their back move through the water backwards.


    Awarded for demonstrating the ability to:

    1 Supporting baby under the arms, encourage baby to gently flop forwards into the water from a sitting position on the pool side.

    2 Encourage baby to move from a front position to back position using the flip-flop movement technique.

    3 Encourage baby to reach out for a toy whilst moving around the pool.

    4 Helping baby to perform a kicking action to move through the water while supporting baby on their back.

    5 Using safety hold to support baby, gently roll out into an open safety position and back.

    6 Use a buoyancy aid for support, float in the water and lay baby on your chest or have baby sitting on your tummy, all the while making eye contact.